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Aevi’s CEO, Mike Camerling, sat down with The Paypers at Money20/20 Europe 2022 in Amsterdam.

They discussed the current state of affairs in the payments space and what the future might hold.

Watch the video on YouTube to find out about:

  • Innovations and new payments developments
  • Our major rebranding project: Aevi’s new identity, the rationale behind the rebranding, and how it will benefit clients in the future
  • The culture of collaboration and new opportunities in the payments chain
  • The challenges in the payments industry right now and how Aevi is addressing these challenges
  • The benefits of payments orchestration and integration and how payment orchestration can support merchant growth
  • What the future looks like for us

Video Transcript

Juana Ifrim: “Hello, I’m Juana Ifrim with The Papers, and I’m here at Money 2020 in Amsterdam. I’m joined by Mike Camerling, who’s the CEO of Aevi. We’re going to talk about Aevi’s new identity, the idea behind the rebranding, the importance of partnerships, and payment orchestration.”

Mike Camerling: “We are absolutely proud of the new Aevi brand. It stands for our openness, our fearlessness, our honesty, and our positivity. We feel as Aevi and our culture, but also what we’re trying to achieve in the payment space. So the payment space is always moving, it needs a big change. You need to look at it in a brand new, fresh way, and we felt that it was time to reflect that change also in our brand, to show people the way, to show the simplification, and all the possibilities that there are in the payments world.”

Mike Camerling: “Aevi has always been about partnerships. When we started, we decided that the world of in-person payments or card-present payments needed to change. It was very siloed. We thought it was time that partnerships were at the forefront of the payment space as well. And what you see is the first thing you need in a partnership is clarity on who does what, and then have the ability to deliver. We want to facilitate an environment where each partner can do the thing they are good at to achieve that final end result, which is the best thing possible for our joint customer.”

Juana Ifrim: “Could you please provide some examples of successful strategic partnerships, winning combinations at Aevi?”

Mike Camerling: “Yeah, so one of the ones I always like to talk about is, for example, a partnership between Aevi as the platform, a company called XAC as the hardware provider of new Android-based SmartPOS terminals, and an app provider of a POS solution called Smart Volusion. Together we looked at what kind of starter bundle would be great for merchants to have. Super SME/SMB merchants have what would really add value to their business as an out-of-the-box experience when you want to start taking payments. For example, starting up your coffee shop. Payment orchestration is needed for partnerships to work for everybody in the chain to make that final combination that is good for the merchants, which is a seamless checkout experience. Everybody wants to offer their end customers the best experience possible, which is frictionless. Everything works together smoothly, and you do need an integration and orchestration framework to make sure that all the payments, the whole customer journey, provides seamlessly in that space.”

Juana Ifrim: “Thank you so much, Mike.”

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