An open, cloud-based integrated payment gateway.  A global payment gateway that works with any payment type, anywhere in the world.  

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How our cloud-based payment gateway works for you

  • With a cloud-based payment gateway, you’re not tied down by a fixed infrastructure or certain vendors. Our integrated global payment gateway slots seamlessly into your merchant payment solution. Now your merchants can choose the payment methods that work for their business and customers. All with a secure, cloud-based international payment gateway.

    Now you can ensure your merchant customers can offer any potential payment method to their end users. From cards and phones to crypto, our cloud-based payment gateway enables you to manage these simply and effectively for your merchant customers.

  • cloud-based payment gateway customisable
    • Combines a device-agnostic payment app with enhanced payment gateway functionality.
    • All payment solutions are consolidated into one integrated payment gateway.
    • Your merchant customers can access all the payment providers they need through an open API.
    • Fully cloud-based and independent to specific hardware and data centres.
    • Supports a sophisticated and configurable reporting system for all transactions.
    • Supports point-to-point encryption (P2PE) for most major hardware vendors.
    • Alternative payment methods can easily be integrated by merchants.
    • New foreign currencies can slot into a merchant’s payment process quickly and simply.
    • Comes with a fully functional plug-and-play global payment app for use on smartPOS devices. Additionally it can be easily combined with any value-added application such as a bill-splitting feature.
  • Now you can provide your merchant customers with an international payment gateway solution that encompasses any potential payment method. Transactions are processed securely and new payment methods are added seamlessly.

    You now have the power to change the way your merchants process business payments.

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    Customisable payment solutions

    Create an integrated, merchant-ready cloud-based payment system complete with integrated payment gateway and API integrations.

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    Show your brand

    White label your payment gateway solution and put your own brand as a leader in the market.

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    Accelerate revenue growth

    Upsell within your existing portfolio and benefit from the increased revenues that come from offering the latest cloud-based merchant payment solution.

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    Drive innovation

    Migrate to the cloud from your legacy based payment solution to help your merchants innovate by empowering them to adapt to new and improved ways of processing transactions.

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