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We help international retailers take control of their global transactions.

Slotting seamlessly into your existing systems, our platform simplifies payment acceptance and unifies data. It’s the cost-effective way to take any kind of payment, anywhere in the world.

Checkouts transformed

  • Reduce complexity with an open, vendor-agnostic platform
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  • Save time, money and growing pains by consolidating the management of fragmented endpoints, transactions and data
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  • Power the adoption of new payment tech and enrich the checkout experience
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  • Fuel growth with enhanced reporting and previously untapped data
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  • Go beyond transactions with loyalty and feedback apps embedded in the point of sale
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The pandemic has accelerated the shift towards digital. Consumer habits have changed – and so have preferred payment methods. Switching to an open platform can help retailers address these four issues:
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    Offering an in-store customer experience that matches up to increased expectations
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    Keeping up with increased consumer demands to pay with the latest payment methods and technologies
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    Matching the frictionless shopping experience of online market leaders
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    Increasingly decentralised payment infrastructures and the increasing pace of payment tech innovation
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