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Open. Device-agnostic. Flexible.
Our platform lets payments and data flow across all channels and consumer touchpoints.

Customisable to your precise requirements, our payment platform connects the in-person world with digital channels, orchestrates checkout flows, and sets transaction data free.

It’s a flexible solution stack that gives you the infrastructure needed to build a scalable payments world.

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  • An open, cloud-based gateway that works with any payment type, anywhere in the world, and that’s what we offer. From cards to phones to crypto – and everything in between, whatever alternative payment system your customers use, our all-in-one payments platform allows you to manage these simply and effectively.
    Leveraging our open APIs, we securely integrate your existing or new systems and connect them to a terminal management system (TMS). Our consolidated solution uses the ISO 20022 open standard, making end-to-end payments nexo-certifiable, where applicable.


    • Combines a device agnostic payment app with enhanced payment gateway functionality – consolidating all payment solutions into one. The module also comes with a fully functional plug-and-play payment app for use on smartPOS devices.
    • Supports point-to-point encryption (P2PE) for most major hardware vendors. This is bolstered by application-level encryption and the latest version of Transport Layer Security (TLS).
    • Fully cloud-based and independent to specific hardware and data centres. This means there’s no limit to how big or fast it can scale – and it’s resilient to any load. On top of this, it has high availability with very limited downtime needed for updates.
    • Multi-tenant while maintaining separate encryption zones for individual customers. By running separate instances of our payment platform for different sales channels, you can compose your own solutions and target niche merchant verticals with an enriched proposition.
    • Supports a sophisticated and configurable reporting system for all transactions.
  • Solve your payment operation challenges with a centralised enterprise payment platform. We provide a single, secure, cloud-based portal and API allowing you to register, view and manage endpoint-device level information across your estate. You can also route payments to multiple endpoints, while reporting and managing them centrally.

    Our advanced device management solution (DMS) provides full visibility and control of smartPOS devices remotely. We give you the tools to install, uninstall and update software on the device, as well as telemetrics like device location, network status, battery status and available memory, putting a truly integrated payment platform at your fingertips.

  • Our payments platform provides a one-stop-shop for containing and hosting all non-transaction services required by our external stakeholders. This includes endpoint management APIs and data sharing mechanisms.
    The services and capabilities are offered through Connect Explorer. A simple and secure system of engagement, it provides a world-class developer experience.


    • Delivers seamless integration through a standard set of external-facing APIs and a uniform developer experience.
    • Provides a self-serve API sandbox for developers to identify use-case based APIs. You can also test, subscribe and integrate basic OOTB documentations and monitor APIs.
    • Offers governance for the structured lifecycle of API publishing and versioning, as well as usage policies and subscriptions.
    • Empowers orchestration of APIs through Workflow Manager to provide value-add services while reducing complexity.
    • Powers scalability and growth by standardising communication protocols.
    • Enables identity management and central governance through policy definition and enforcement.
    • Provides API Analytics for visibility and monitoring purposes.
  • Our central portals provide data to help you understand your merchants better. Giving you a clear overview of how your merchants use their device, you’ll also be able to identify merchant propositions per merchant type – and both cross and upsell opportunities. On top of this, you can resolve problems in the field by supporting your merchants remotely.

    Through our Merchant Services, we manage the physical side of payment devices for you. From research and development to implementation and delivery, we’ll ensure you provide the best possible customer experience.

  • From traditional Linux terminals to Android SmartPOS and fully digital deployments like SoftPOS, our agnostic payment gateway and flexible international payment platform software can process any kind of payment transaction – with trust and security built in as standard.

    The unified management system used in our full stack payment platform strips away the complexities of running a diverse terminal estate. This helps you deliver a unified payment experience that can be customised for any environment.

    Whether you’re after a simple standalone terminal or a fully integrated payment experience, our apps can be as flexible as your merchant’s needs.

    Better still, with our network of partners, you can deliver value-adds like loyalty programmes, ratings and more. It’s all about creating an immersive payment experience that caters to every customers’ needs, even when they or you are using alternative online payment systems.

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  • Our payment orchestration platform features an orchestration layer that allows apps to talk to other apps, and create simple flows of apps. It’s the key to a seamless checkout experience. We do the integration, so you don’t have to. Your merchants can then work with whatever applications serve their vertical best.

    Our payment platform uses a cloud solution that creates a robust, secure ecosystem to remotely connect endpoints and process card transactions. It also enables online communication between POS clients and payment devices.

  • Our goal is to make our products secure and safe for everyone to use. These days, PCI certifications are a common standard in the payment environment, and we are no exception. We maintain and enhance the following certifications in our environment: PCI DSS, PCI PIN, PCI P2PE.

    • Disaster recovery - we make sure that all of our services are available at any time by implementing various countermeasures.
    • Penetration testing - our products are tested during the development cycle and when deployed for production environments. We want to make sure that the client receives the product with all security measures in place.
    • Vulnerability management - our environment is constantly monitored for new threats, and we are maintaining every product, server, or network.
    • SSDLC - our development is focused on Secure Software Development Life Cycle, which means that our products are secure from start to end.

Digitising the last mile of in-person payments

  • Compatible with alternative payments

  • Quick implementation of omnichannel solutions

  • Cross-border capabilities

  • Flexible support for domestic and international payment networks

    cloud-based payment gateway customisable
  • White label our solution with your brand

  • Fully vendor-agnostic so you can embrace the very latest devices

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Our solutions and services have been accredited by the following national and international organisations.

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