Aevi unveils a new brand identity

The new brand has been developed to support Aevi’s mission to build a more open world, where anyone, anywhere, can take and make any kind of payment. The in-person payment experts bring transactions together on one open platform. Keeping banks, acquirers and other payment service providers ahead of whatever comes next in payment tech.

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London, 11th May 2022. Aevi, announced today that it has completed a major rebranding project. Aevi’s purpose is opening up transaction data and setting payments free. The powerful and dynamic new brand reflects this freedom and positivity, demonstrating that Aevi is truly committed to innovation. The new brand strategy celebrates the possibilities that are found at Aevi. It focusses on the openness and flexibility that the new digital world entails. 

Founded in 2015, Aevi has grown over the years from operating as a start-up, to one of the biggest major players in FinTech, an industry faced with the need for fast growth. In the era of Payments 4.X, consumers have quickly become accustomed to innovative online payment tech and now expect the same seamless experience in-store. Technology, big commerce and smaller merchants are looking into adapting their services to match this demand.  

Aevi is on a mission to make in-person payments as innovative as online payments. Fully cloud-based, the Aevi platform lets customers, and partners, embrace the latest payment tech. It empowers their merchant businesses with unprecedented data, enabling growth and improvements to the customer experience. Device agnostic, it puts their customers firmly in control. An investment in 2021 from Mastercard demonstrates that Aevi is one to watch in the global payments market. 

To reflect their commitment to pioneering this change for in-person payments, Aevi has revealed a fresh brand to reflect the openness and flexibility that are now essential components in the FinTech space. Like their platform, they’re open to the world and inspired by collaboration. Bringing all industry partners together across the value chain, they create the best possible customer experience. Aevi shines in a completely new light, unveiling a new logo and website design that complements its growing business model. 

Open, fearless, honest, positive. Four attributes that not only describe our new brand, but also the culture we’ve always fostered here at Aevi. We are operating in an ever-changing environment; technology moves on and so are we. The rebranding marks a new Aevi in- and externally, with a strategy focused on building a more open (payments) world.
Mike Camerling, CEO Aevi

Keeping Aevi, their corporate name, shows appreciation of the business that helped them get here. Using the accessible and free spirit of the new brand’s visual language, Aevi highlights the ease of payments and embraces where the future of pay tech is going.

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Video Transcript

“Amazingly, eighty percent of transactions still take place in person, whether by card, phone, or watch, whether inside or outside. But the payment industry is being held back. 260 million payment devices are almost obsolete, transaction flows are limited, data is trapped, and innovation is lost.

It’s time to set payments free. As industry leaders, AV is building a more open world where anyone, anywhere can take or make any kind of payment. It’s one platform, all payments, all in the cloud, with smart APIs and truly connected data. We orchestrate checkout flows, simplify payment offerings, and transform checkout experiences, helping you power the growth of merchant businesses both big and small.

In-person payments should be as seamless, insightful, and innovative as those made online. So let’s break down barriers. Let’s bring everything together. Let’s set payments free.”

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