The magic happens in the cloud.

A cloud-based payment solution without a fixed infrastructure that your merchants will love.

  • How cloud-based payments work for you

    By opting for cloud-based payments processing, you can minimize your costs for hardware, software, networks and support staff simply by shifting transactions from private data centres to cloud-based data centres.

    As you don’t have to worry about creating a fixed infrastructure to provide new services to your merchants, you have the freedom and creativity to expand your portfolio. Cloud-based payment processing gives you the opportunity to partner with fintech innovators to provide more varied and exciting solutions to your merchants.

  • Showcasing the benefits to merchants

    Now you can deliver a cost-effective solution at the point of interaction (POI) for your merchants that is secure and provides more value-added apps and services.

    • An open platform that leverages application programming interfaces (APIs). 
    • Merchants can now access a multitude of third-party apps that can seamlessly integrate in the business process alongside the payment app.
    • Merchants can access everything they need for payment processing in one easy-to-use cloud-based payment system.
    • Cloud-based payment solutions enable better flexibility.
    • Merchants are free from the constraints of legacy systems.
    • Merchants can provide the omnichannel global payments experience that their customers demand, improving customer retention and revenue.
    • Merchants get instant access to their data.
    • Merchants can make price updates or check sales figures as they go.
    • With more insight, merchants can better improve their business.
  • Your merchant customers can access these cloud-based payment services in a range of compatible form factors, from smartphones and larger-screen devices to compact terminals. Each of these can also run the same applications and access the same reports.

    You can provide your merchants with a cloud payment processing solution that encompasses everything they need to do. Transactions are processed securely and value-added apps seamlessly connect to the back-end without your customers having to worry about anything.

    The power to change the way your merchant customers process business payments is now in your hands.

  • Device functions
  • cloud benefit: customisable

    Customisable solutions

    Create an integrated, merchant-ready cloud-based payment system complete with cloud payment gateway and API integrations.

  • cloud benefit: boost revenue

    Accelerate revenue growth

    Upsell within your existing portfolio and benefit from the increased revenues that come from offering the latest cloud-based payment solution.

  • cloud benefit: white lable

    Show your brand

    White label your payment solution and put your own brand as a leader in the market.

  • cloud benefit: innovative

    Drive innovation

    Migrate to the cloud from your legacy based solution to help your merchant be innovative.

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