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Connect all payment systems with other apps, thanks to our easy-to-integrate API payment platform, which turns any COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) Android device into a SmartPOS payment gateway.

We build on Android OS because we know it makes life easier. - It’s familiar for developers and easily integrates with other apps built on the platform.

Reasons why Android is a win-win for you and your merchants:

  • One of the most common platforms for businesses, Android is the frontrunner when it comes to payment security standards. It’s PCI certified, so it was made with the future in mind, and as Google takes data security very seriously, its significant investment into the Android platform’s security systems means it’s one of the safest platforms in the world.

  • Android makes it easier and simpler to integrate with 3rd party Android POS apps and hardware, which offers more choice and benefits ISVs with higher revenue potential, which drives them to offer their apps on Android EPOS systems.

  • Due to Android’s capability to support diverse hardware configurations, such as different screen sizes and form factors i.e. devices in which Android can run on such as smartphones and tablets, businesses have the flexibility to build on devices that best suit their needs and preferences. Whether compact devices are required for limited counter space or larger ones for more intricate operations, Android's hardware diversity ensures that businesses can find the right fit for their specific requirements.

How Aevi connects with Android

At Aevi, we build our cloud-based software solutions on the Android platform, ensuring smooth functionality and compatibility with the wider android ecosystem. This allows our partners to harness the full potential of Android's features, including streamlined app development and robust security measures. As a result, you and your merchants benefit from a cohesive ecosystem that enhances payment processes and elevates POS operations.

Here are just some of the benefits of our cloud-based software solutions:

  • Icon speedy certification process

    Speedy certification process

    We work closely with payment processors and industry regulatory bodies to ensure that their Android terminals meet all necessary certifications and compliance requirements. By pre-certifying your merchants’ terminals, this saves time and resources for businesses that would otherwise need to undergo the certification process themselves and promotes a much faster GTM.

  • Icon standardized hardware and software

    Standardized hardware and software

    At Aevi, we develop standardized hardware and software API configurations for your merchants’ Android terminals. This ensures consistency across devices and simplifies the development and integration process for your merchants, as the orchestration of apps via our AppFlow and CloudFlow integrations provides seamless checkout flow.

  • icon installed applications

    Pre-installed applications for convenience

    Our Android terminals come pre-installed with essential applications and software components, including payment processing software, security features, and Aevi's own app. This reduces the need for merchants to install and configure software manually, speeding up the merchant onboarding and deployment process.

  • icon developer tools

    Developer tools and excellent support

    Aevi provides developers with tools, documentation, and support resources to facilitate the development and customisation of applications for their Android terminals. This enables businesses to quickly build and deploy custom solutions tailored to their specific needs.

  • icon ecosystem

    Partnerships and ecosystem integration

    Aevi collaborates with a network of partners, including payment processors, software vendors, and hardware manufacturers to integrate their solutions into Aevi's ecosystem. This integration simplifies the process of adding new features and functionalities to our Android terminals, further accelerating the GTM process.

  • Let’s get started

    With our flexible and device-agnostic platform, we help our customers build the payment infrastructure that works with their business and meet the needs of their clients.

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