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We’re building a more open world, where anyone, anywhere, can take or make any kind of payment.

Bringing all your transactions and data together on one open platform, Aevi keeps you one step ahead of whatever comes next in payment tech.

Our Journey

We began life as part of Diebold Nixdorf in 2012, managing payments in retail and banking. After launching the world’s first ever SmartPOS in Australia, we became a standalone subsidiary in 2015.

Today, Aevi operates across Europe, Australia and the Americas with offices in London (UK), Prague (CZ), and Paderborn (DE).

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    Reinventing an industry

    We believe in-person payments should be as innovative as online payments.

    As the inventor of the first ever SmartPOS, we’ve always driven change. Now fully cloud-based, our platform lets our customers and partners embrace
    the latest payment tech – and empowers their businesses with unprecedented data.

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    Breaking down barriers

    The in-person payment world is trapped in the same old systems while technology moves on around it.

    We’re setting payments free with an open platform defined by flexibility. Completely device agnostic, it puts all our customers firmly in control.

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    Partnering with the world

    We can’t change the payment game on our own. So we’re starting a movement where everyone can win.

    Like our platform, we’re open to the world and inspired by collaboration. Bringing all industry partners together across the value chain, we create the best possible customer experience.

It’s awesome seeing our team’s hard work recognised.

Kudos to our outstanding teams for making this achievement a reality. This award reaffirms our status as (payments) gamechangers. We're genuine in-person experts, and receiving this award fills us with immense pride.. But this is just the beginning. Expect more innovation, more success.

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CFI Awards

The Payment Awards

Global Banking and Finance

Global Banking and Finance

Payment Awards

MPE Awards

Emerging Payments Awards

Most Innovative Payments Ecosystem Europe

Best In-store Payments Solution

Best Payment Solution Provider Europe

Best New Payment Solution Provider

Best in Store payment solution

Channel Awards, Most innovative offering regarding card and mobile acceptance in different channels

Silver Prize for 'Best PSP or Acquiring Solution'

We're fully certified

  • ISO 20022

    Using the ISO 20022 open standard, our end-to-end payments are nexo-certificable.

  • ISO 9001

    Continuously improving our processes with transparency and insight-led decision making.

  • ISO 27001

    Protecting your information with a fully integrated Information Security Management system.

  • ISO 20000

    Standardising our relationships with our partners and internal clients with a robust Service Management system.

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