Whistleblowing Policy Statement

All companies face the risk of things going wrong from time to time. Aevi has developed a Whistleblowing policy to demonstrate an open culture and management accountability–which is essential in order to prevent
misconduct and to address any issues correctly if and when they occur.

The aim of this Policy is to encourage employees and others, who work alongside us, who have serious concerns about any
wrongdoings, such as reporting of unethical conduct or illegal practices in the workplace, to come forward and voice those

The policy applies to everyone who carries out work for Aevi, including:

  • all Aevi employees
  • contractors and subcontractors
  • agency staff
  • employees of suppliers
  • partners and consultants

Employees must report even a reasonable suspicion of misconduct. Firsthand or full knowledge of the facts is not required to make a report. The organization will not, however, tolerate malicious or intentionally false reports. Reports of misconduct must be made in good faith.

Depending on the seriousness and sensitivity of the issue and on who is suspected of the wrongdoing – concerns can
be raised to:

  • The Corporate Whistleblowing Officer on compliance@aevi.com
    (recipients of compliance mailbox are Aevi CFO, Aevi Legal Counsel and SVP of People)
  • SVP of People
  • Line Manager
  • Gomez Lenka | Z/C/H Legal v.o.s. | Law Office | Lenka.Gomez@zchlegal.cz

At Aevi, we will not tolerate any victimization of a whistleblower and will take appropriate action to protect our employees
when they raise a concern in good faith and will treat this as a serious disciplinary offence which will be dealt with under the
disciplinary rules and procedure.

Sarah Atkinson
SVP of People