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In-store payments should be as seamless and innovative as those made online.

Completely vendor agnostic, our platform slots into existing systems and can be tailored to your merchants’ exact requirements.

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It’s time to merge fragmented silos and dismantle complex legacy systems. Switching to one platform helps you address these five issues:
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    Demand for innovations like smartPOS and alternative payments
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    Streamlining after M&As lead to solution silos and increased costs
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    Managing hardware from different vendors in different territories
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    Organising inefficient processes due to vendor lock-ins
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    Encouraging increased in-person payments at the point of sale
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Aevi Rabobank partnership

Helping Rabobank turn mobiles and tablets into cash registers

Rabobank is one of the largest banks in the Netherlands. They wanted to encourage SME customers to make the switch from cash to card. To do so, they needed to make the payment process easier than ever.

Any solution had to be both cost-effective and scalable, while keeping the Rabobank brand centre of attention.

Pinpointing the solution

Working together, we came up with two propositions. The first was the Rabo SmartPin. Simple, intuitive and fully branded, it lets merchants accept card payments through a secure app.

The Rabo SmartPin proposition includes a SmartPin device and the Rabo SmartPin app. Built on the Aevi Software Development kit, the app can be downloaded for free on both iOS and Android – and offers all the usual cash register functionality.

Transactions are processed through the Aevi Payments Gateway – and we continue to deliver hardware logistics and help desk services. So far, we have successfully rolled out more than 30,000 solutions to merchants in the target audience – including home delivery, markets, small shop owners, restaurants and bars.

Thinking outside the box

Rabo PinBox is the second proposition. It works on three POS devices from Ingenico and Castles (mobile and countertop terminals).

All devices are fast, easy to configure and come with a colour touchscreen. ECR integration is also available for a more convenient customer journey. An ideal solution for both retail and leisure merchants, there are currently 10,000 devices in the field.

Through both propositions, Aevi and Rabobank have revolutionised the Dutch payments market for the bank’s merchants. Together we are already serving more than 60,000 merchants. We are currently expanding the partnership – and exploring other ways to digitise in-person payments even more.

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