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  • Keeping you and your merchants one step ahead of payment tech

Completely vendor agnostic, our platform slots into existing systems and can be tailored to your merchants’ exact requirements.

Ready for whatever comes next in payment tech, it gives your merchants the data and insights they need to grow their business.
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    Bridge in-store and online payments
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    Leverage APIs for seamless integrations
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    Go beyond payments with all kinds of apps
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    Let us set up and manage your payment hardware

It’s time to merge fragmented silos and dismantle complex legacy systems. Switching to one platform helps you address the following issues

  • Demand for innovations like smartPOS and alternative payments
  • Streamlining after M&As lead to solution silos and increased costs
  • Managing hardware from different vendors in different territories
  • Organising inefficient processes due to vendor lock-ins
  • Encouraging increased in-person payments at the point of sale
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Looking for an end-to-end solution?

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