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  • Unleashing digital innovation on in-person payments

Opening up whole new markets, it’s a chance to stand out from the crowd and provide a better, integrated solution to your merchants. They can unbox it and go…
  • cloud based
    Deliver a ‘payment as a service’ solution with our cloud-based platform
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    Combine online and offline payments to offer a full omnichannel experience
  • label
    White label our payment solution
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    Upsell within your existing portfolio
  • open market
    Embrace value-added services
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    Offer an easy to use, easy to sell, POS solution
  • Consumers icon
    Marketing collateral, sales and operation training, and ongoing support

There are a host of challenges we help PSPs & ISOs solve

  • Demand for innovations like SmartPOS and alternative payments
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  • Adapting to changing merchant and consumer needs
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  • Responding to compressed margins as consumers demand more from PSP tech
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  • Encouraging increased in-person payments at the point of sale
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  • Migration from legacy-based to android devices
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The solution we offer to get you started:

SMB Starter Pack