A seamless checkout experience


Our payment orchestration platform offers in-person payment orchestration to seamlessly connect in-person retail and e-commerce.

In-person payment orchestration

  • Our payment orchestration platform features an orchestration layer that allows apps to talk to other apps. It creates a seamless flow of apps and enables merchants to provide a seamless checkout experience to their customers.

    It uses a cloud solution to create a robust, secure ecosystem that remotely connects endpoints and processes card transactions. It also enables online communication between POS systems and payment devices.

    • A flexible and open device-agnostic payment orchestration platform that leverages application programming interfaces (APIs) and allows your merchant customers to break free from legacy systems.
    • Merchants can choose the vendors they work with via third-party apps that seamlessly integrate into their payment process.
    • Your merchant customers can access all the vendors they need for payment processing in one easy-to-use cloud-based payment orchestration system.
    • Merchants are able to offer an omnichannel experience to their customers, whether in-person payments or online payments.
    • Merchants can offer digital flexibility to in-person commerce by allowing them to pay through their preferred payment method, giving both the option of static point-of-sale and mobile point-of-interaction.
    • Alternative payment methods can easily be integrated by merchants.
    • Merchants have the capability to handle transactions in different currencies, which can be beneficial for businesses operating in international markets or dealing with customers from various countries.
    • Merchants can integrate tailored loyalty and rewards solutions that deliver significant benefits to the merchants including increased marketing efficiency, increased turnover per consumer and the ability to recruit high-value loyal customers.
  • Now you can offer your merchant customers a solution that covers every element of their payment process, whether in-person or online. Transactions will be processed securely, new apps added seamlessly and new payment providers able to slot into the payment ecosystem quickly and effectively.

    And we do the integration, so you don’t have to. Your merchants can then work with whatever applications serve their vertical and their customers best.

  • cloud benefit: customisable

    Customisable solutions

    Develop a merchant-ready payment system that gives them the flexibility to choose vendors and payment providers through API integrations.

  • cloud benefit: white lable

    Show your brand

    White label your payment solution and give your customers the flexibility and integrations they need to best cater to their vertical and customers.

  • cloud benefit: boost revenue

    Enhance your revenue

    Upsell within your existing portfolio and benefit from the increased revenues from offering a custom payment solution.

  • cloud benefit: innovative

    Remain competitive

    Provide your customers with a complete omnichannel payment solution and get ahead of your competitors.