Grow and scale your business with a bespoke payment infrastructure

  • Whatever the nature of your merchant’s business, we help SMEs grow and scale with efficient and secure payments.

  • Taking payments is the foundation of small businesses. Whether purely taking in-person payments or combining in-person and online, they need those payments coming in to protect their cash flow. And they need everything to be super secure to ensure they protect their customers and their business.

    At Aevi, our payment platform is flexible and vendor agnostic. You can tap into the latest technology to make payments smooth and secure. We’re talking POS systems for small businesses, self-service payment technology and small business payment processing. You can build it around the needs of your merchant’s business, and it will always be secure. And if the customer at the POS need to pay with alternative payment methods, you can integrate those into your payment stack too.

  • cloud based

    Align payment infrastructure on one centralised payment platform

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    Connect in-person payments with your online payments

  • open market

    Get the full picture of your business with real-time payment data

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    Power the adoption of new payment tech and enrich the checkout experience

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    Grow your business with enhanced reporting and customer data

Build your payment infrastructure the way you and your merchant want

  • As an SME, they have the chance to make the right decisions early on in the growth of their business.

    If your merchants are utilising a legacy system then that’s no problem, Aevi can still work with them. Because our technology is flexible we can accommodate any setup, even where a system has been in place with a merchant for some time.

    If your merchants aren’t using legacy systems, you can start on the right foot with our Aevi payment platform. They can customise it around their needs as a business and the desires of the customers. Plus, they have the flexibility to adapt to changing market and consumer needs. they can cope with:

  • Demand from customers for alternative payment methods

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  • Staying ahead of a fast changing sector

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  • The potential to grow into new territories and accept multiple currencies

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  • Encouraging contactless payments at POS

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  • Let’s get started

    With our platform you can build the payment infrastructure that works for the needs of your small business merchants, as well as give their customers a market-leading online and in-person experience.

    It’s time to stay ahead of the competition.