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Our Aevi cloud-based in-person payment orchestration platform is device agnostic and can be tailored to meet the needs of your merchant customers. We also provide the payment infrastructure and hardware for your merchant customers to process payments securely and effectively.

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We help equip your hospitality merchants with the payment infrastructure to serve customers efficiently at the bar and at their tables, taking card-based and mobile payments quickly and simply.

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Fuel and convenience merchants have access to the payment infrastructure to provide the best possible customer experience and help reduce the need for staff on the premises. Customers can make quick and secure payments at the pump, till or even in the car.

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Fashion and beauty merchants can easily build a payment infrastructure that caters to the needs of their customers. Customers can be met on the shop floor with SoftPOS at the point of interaction (POI) to take payments with a smartphone or enabled device. Unattended payments offer smooth and seamless payments without the need for staff, and in-person payment orchestration means data flows between payment methods and terminals.

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Street food vendors can take fast and secure payments from their customers via debit cards or smartphones with handy SmartPOS, or even SoftPOS devices. The devices support cash management and have on-device daily reporting to keep the business running smoothly.

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Whether on the same premises for a few days, weeks or months, our pop-up store merchants have the payment infrastructure for safe and secure customer payments. Merchants benefit from handheld SmartPOS or SoftPOS devices and our robust and secure payment app.

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    With our flexible and device-agnostic platform, we help our customers build the payment infrastructure that works with their business and meet the needs of their clients.

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