A POS (point of sale) system is a combination of hardware and software designed to process transactions, manage inventory and generate reports for business owners. They are used by small merchants, national and global retailers, hospitality businesses, petrol stations and more.

POS systems enable customers to pay quickly and efficiently by card or smartphone. The merchant can process POS payments and transactions safely and securely and access the data to understand their business better.

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Components of a POS System

Usually, POS systems consist of three main components:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Payment processor

Historically, the hardware components include:

  • A card reader / POS terminal
  • POS Cash register
  • Barcode scanner
  • Receipt printer

The POS systems software forms the backbone of the system, providing a user interface for transactions, as well as inventory management and reporting capabilities. The payment processor component ensures POS payments are processed securely and efficiently.

Traditional POS vs SmartPOS Devices

Traditional POS terminals enable you to process point of sale card payments and are connected to the rest of your payment infrastructure. They ensure payments are taken, processed and the funds deposited in your account. SmartPOS terminals incorporate smart technology through touchscreens, integrated payment apps, and on-device reporting.

An increasing number of businesses are opting for the SmartPOS setup to efficiently process payments and enhance their operational efficiency. SmartPOS Devices are available in different sizes to fit your space and a range of formats to give you the look and functionality you want. Incorporate smart technology through touchscreens, integrated payment apps, and on-device reporting.

Whatever stage your business is at, at Aevi we can help you find the right POS system that works for you and your customers. We bring all your payments together on one open platform.


Payments Plus

Are you currently using traditional payment terminals that aren’t integrated into a wider payment ecosystem? Do you want to transition to SmartPOS terminals but aren’t quite ready yet?

Our Payment Plus solution enables you to replace your traditional POS terminals with a supported Android SmartPOS terminal.

Even if you’re not ready to embrace all the capabilities of a SmartPOS terminal right now, everything will be set up for when the time comes.

The wider payment platform also covers a payment app, payment gateway, reporting capabilities, and more.

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SMB Starter Pack

The life of a small business continually changes. It’s crucial to evolve with the needs of your customers and gain the payment insights to drive your business forward. Integrating SmartPOS terminals into your payment infrastructure is a simple step to offer your customers the in-person payment methods and experience they require, as well as getting access to the reporting to make better decisions about your business.

Our SMB Starter Pack is for small businesses and merchants that are ready for the functionality of SmartPOS terminals. It comes equipped with 7” handheld SmartPOS devices that are NFC-enabled and support cash management, with on-device daily reporting and integrated product catalogue and pricing.

It’s backed up by our Smart App allowing web-based administration, fast-integration and the capability for multiple user types.

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