Voices in payments

In the seventh episode of our new podcast “Voices In Payments” our host, Diederik Klopper discusses the importance of a true omnichannel experience, POS developments, and what the future of payments will look like with Eddie Johnson, Head of Product Marketing at Aevi.

Listen to the podcast on YouTube.

This podcast covers:

  • What a true omnichannel experience looks like and the value it brings to consumers and merchants
  • The hurdles for companies creating a full omnichannel experience
  • Which opportunities are often missed when it comes to connecting online and offline
  • The changes observed on offline payments as a result of the pandemic and how merchants can adjust to those changes?
  • The current trends/developments in the market connecting the online and offline payment landscape
  • How companies can offer consumers the optimal UX
  • The future of the POS landscape
  • And more!

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