Voices in payments

In the seventh episode of our new podcast “Voices In Payments” our host, Diederik Klopper discusses the importance of a true omnichannel experience, POS developments, and what the future of payments will look like with Eddie Johnson, Head of Product Marketing at Aevi.

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This podcast covers:

  • What a true omnichannel experience looks like and the value it brings to consumers and merchants
  • The hurdles for companies creating a full omnichannel experience
  • Which opportunities are often missed when it comes to connecting online and offline
  • The changes observed on offline payments as a result of the pandemic and how merchants can adjust to those changes?
  • The current trends/developments in the market connecting the online and offline payment landscape
  • How companies can offer consumers the optimal UX
  • The future of the POS landscape
  • And more!
Omnichannel essentially means that I should never have to tell someone something twice. If I've told you who I am in store, then you should know who I am online.
Eddie Johnson

Key Takeaways:

“We have a platform that allows our customers who are typically large acquirers or people that are merchant, facing themselves to simplify their sort of face to face payments in many ways. Obviously, I’ve mentioned very briefly the work that we do with smart positive devices. In fact, many people who know Aevi know that we had one of the first smart POS devices out on the market in a device called the Albert.

We don’t make devices anymore, we just make the platforms that run the things. So we do a lot of stuff with face to face payments, device management, and generally unifying and simplifying the payments world.”

“We very much focus on solving face to face challenges, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t keep our eye on everything else. We are not an online payments provider, but what we are is a channel through which these things can be connected. So everything that we do in online payments is designed to open the gates and to open the doors to proper data sharing. So when you perform a transaction on an Aevi run terminal, that transaction, rather than just going straight to the acquirer and back again, can be notified to other places.

So, for example, we can integrate with an online commerce platform and as soon as a transaction is made in store, the online commerce platform can receive a notification of that transaction. But not just the for transaction itself. Our platform allows us to collect all of the data around that transaction as well and pass that through to the relevant channel. So we in ourselves are not an Omnichannel solution.

We are a face to face payment solution. But we have been architected from the ground up to be able to implement that Omnichannel experience, to be able to share the data in the right way, in a way that the main data repositories are going to be expecting it, and importantly in real time.”

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