Eddie Johnson | Head of product

Eddie Johnson

Eddie is our ultimate product guru. He knows how to turn ideas into reality. He's a master of product development and with his team he discovers market trends and produces products the industry never even knew it needed. With a keen eye for innovation and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Eddie navigates the ever-evolving landscape of consumer demands with finesse, consistently delivering solutions that exceed expectations. Eddie's contributions extend far beyond mere ideation; he is the driving force behind our product success, guiding us toward new horizons and empowering us to shape the future of our industry.

He's currently putting his status as "The geek who can speak" to good use as the SVP of Product at Aevi. Building on his knowledge from being a Product Manager, and taking the lead on Aevi's Product Marketing and Pre Sales, he is now helping evangelise (externally) and represent market forces (internally) to develop the future of the product in line with changing business and customer requirements.

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