Aevi Explained: In-Person Payment Orchestration

Imagine for a moment – your trip to the high street….What comes to mind along the journey of your purchase?

A Platform Explainer

Step into the vibrant world of commerce with us, the pioneers of in-person payments.

Our video invites you to explore exciting blend of traditional brick-and-mortar shopping and the endless possibilities of e-commerce. Celebrating the enduring importance of physical retail, we take you on a journey through our open, cloud-based and innovative In-Person Payment Orchestration Platform.

Led by our visionary CTO, Eddie, the video unveils the different areas of our platform with clarity and depth. Discover how Aevi's technology seamlessly integrates into your business, revolutionizing the way your merchants engange with customers in physical spaces. From streamling transaction to opening up new avenues for customer interaction, our platform empowers businesses to thrive in an ever-evolving market landscape.

Join our excitment for in-person payments as we expand the the possibilities of payment solutions, bridging the gap between traditional retail and the digital age.

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