Streamlining all your online and in-person payments

Streamlining ecommerce and in-person payments
  • We help eCommerce retailers looking to integrate in-person payment methods with their existing online transactions.

  • The Aevi payment platform slots seamlessly into your existing systems. Our payment gateway for e-commerce enables you to take digital payments safely and securely. And our payment orchestration capabilities help you integrate alternative payment methods into your payment stack with ease – all with a simple API integration. As your business grows into new territories, we ensure you can accept multiple currencies through our global e-commerce payment system. It’s a cost-effective way to take payments from anywhere in the world - on- and offline.

    Plus, with unified payment data from all your customers and across all your transactions, you’ll have real-time customer data at your fingertips to boost your online customer experience.

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    Reduce complexity with an open, vendor-agnostic platform

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    Power the adoption of new payment tech and enrich the checkout experience

  • open market

    Go beyond transactions with loyalty and feedback apps embedded in the point of sale

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    Fuel growth with enhanced reporting and previously untapped data

Build your payment infrastructure the way you and your merchant want

  • As an SME, they have the chance to make the right decisions early on in the growth of their business.

    If your merchants are utilising a legacy ecommerce payment system then that’s no problem, Aevi can still work with them. Because our technology is flexible we can accommodate any setup, even where a system has been in place with a merchant for some time.

    If your merchants aren’t using legacy systems, you can start on the right foot with our Aevi payment platform. They can customise it around their needs as a business and the desires of the customers. Plus, they have the flexibility to adapt to changing market and consumer needs. they can cope with:

Switching to our Aevi open e-commerce payment platform helps retailers to:

  • Innovate and grow rapidly across multiple markets and territories

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  • Keep up with increased consumer demands to pay with the latest payment technology

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  • Match the frictionless checkout experience delivered by eCommerce market leaders

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  • Offer an online customer experience that matches up to consumer expectations

Connecting online and in-person payments

Connecting online and in-person payments

Our flexible e-commerce payment platform also features in-person payment orchestration. As an eCommerce business, you’ll benefit from our payment gateway for eCommerce. In addition to this, you can integrate multiple payment methods into your online checkout. But if you expand into in-person commerce too – whether pop ups or bricks and mortar stores – we bridge the gap between in-person and online commerce. Your customer data will seamlessly span the two, to further enhance the growth of your business.

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    With our vendor agnostic platform and eCommerce payment gateway, you can meet the needs of your customers online and in-person.

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