Borders aren't barriers

  • National or even international borders aren’t barriers when you have the right cross-border payment platform. In fact, they’re more like gateways to global connectivity. Aevi's platform redefines cross-border transaction processing by centralizing all payments into one hub, making it easy for multinational companies and chains to accept all payments, irrespective of currency, format, standards or jurisdiction. This game-changing flexibility ensures instant operability as well as ironclad security, ideal for boundless businesses.

What are cross-border payments?

  • Cross-border payments are the lifeblood of international finance, connecting individuals, businesses, and financial institutions across borders and around the world. They involve the movement of funds between countries, navigating currency conversions and powering global trade, investments, and personal transactions.

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What are the different types of cross-border payments?

  • Cross-border payments offer a diverse toolkit for navigating global finance. From cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum to trusted International Money Orders (IMOs), and platforms like PayPal and Stripe, these methods empower businesses and individuals to transact easily across borders. Electronic Funds Transfers (EFTs) and credit cards provide swift and secure options, while wire transfers ensure direct and reliable transactions between financial institutions.

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Benefits and challenges of cross-border payments

  • Cross-border payments offer significant benefits but also come with certain challenges that savvy businesses should keep an eye out for.

Benefits of cross-border payments

  • Cross-border payments offer a variety of methods to suit different needs, from cryptocurrencies to wire transfers.

  • Many cross-border payment methods can be more affordable than traditional banking options, reducing transaction fees and costs.

  • Businesses can expand their reach to international markets, attracting a diverse range of customers and enhancing their global presence.

  • By utilizing a flexible system like Aevi’s, ISOs and ISVs can offer merchants more ways to accept payments, thereby boosting sales and revenue potential within global markets.

  • Cross-border payments enable businesses to tap into international opportunities and markets that were previously out of reach, facilitating global expansion and growth.

Challenges of cross-border payments

  • Navigating different regulations in various countries can be complex and time-consuming. Aevi’s platform simplifies this by providing in-built compliance features that automatically adhere to international regulations.

  • Currency conversion can lead to unpredictable costs due to fluctuating exchange rates, which is why Aevi’s platform offers real-time currency conversion and competitive exchange rates.

  • Additional charges from intermediaries and financial institutions can increase the cost of transactions, however, thanks to Aevi’s streamlined processing, these costs are minimized, as multiple intermediaries are cut out.

  • Cross-border transactions can be vulnerable to fraud and other security threats, but not with Aevi. Security and fraud detection is at the heart of our platform, ensuring transactions are secure and trustworthy every single time.

  • Ensuring compliance with international laws and regulations requires thorough and sometimes lengthy verification processes, but with Aevi, this is already taken care of, which means total compliance and adherence to all regulations is quick and easy.

  • Differences in data standards and formats across countries can complicate transactions, but rest assured Aevi’s platform standardizes data formatting, making it easier to handle transactions between different countries.

  • Older financial systems may not integrate well with modern cross-border payment methods, causing inefficiencies. Aevi’s platform is designed to integrate with legacy systems, enhancing their functionality and ensuring smooth operations.

  • Managing cross-border payments can be operationally challenging, with potential delays of up to 10 days due to compliance and regulatory checks. However, Aevi’s streamlined system simplifies everything, which reduces delays and speeds up the cross-border transaction process.

Taking cross-border payments to the next level

  • Aevi's in-person payment orchestration platform takes cross-border payments to the next level, turning challenges into opportunities for seamless international transactions that are both cost-effective and impenetrably secure.

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    Low cost, high flexibility

    With support for multiple currencies and real-time conversion, we keep costs low and flexibility high.

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    Security protocols

    Our security and compliance protocols mitigate risks and delays, ensuring smooth global operations

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    Advanced integration

    Our advanced integration capabilities eliminate legacy platform issues, making global market access a breeze.

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    Enhanced data

    Our powerful analytics tools help you stay on top of exchange rates and manage international payments with confidence.

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