Flexible, vendor-agnostic payment management solutions to help your clients grow.

Now your merchant customers can manage payments in multiple currencies across multiple payment methods. And have the data to make better business decisions through our payment management system.

About our payment management software:

  • With our payment management software, you allow your merchant customers to take payments, manage payment methods, and handle the process in any way they see fit. They can choose their infrastructure and their vendors to find a payment management solution that works with the needs of their business.

    • By leveraging application programming interfaces (APIs) new payment methods and vendors can be easily integrated into your payment management system.
    • Third-party apps seamlessly integrate into the payment process of your merchant customers.
    • All payment management requirements can blend into one effective payment solution.
    • A cloud-based payment platform solution.
    • Merchants get instant access to their payment data.
    • Merchants have data from across their payment ecosystem to make data-driven business decisions.
    • With more insight, merchants can better run their business.
    • Merchants can easily integrate alternative payment methods into their technology stack – catering to the changing needs and demands of their customers.
    • Foreign currencies are simple to integrate, ensuring customers in all territories can use their chosen currency.
    • Merchants can manage a seamless omnichannel customer experience.
  • Now you’re offering your merchant customers a payment management system that enables them to manage every aspect of their payment process. Transactions in multiple currencies across a range of payment methods can be processed securely and instantly. New payment methods and apps can be added with a simple API integration without cumbersome backend development. And data will flow across the entire payment management ecosystem to help inform their business decisions.

    You’re providing your merchant customers with all-encompassing payment management software that can transform the way they do business, including customers in the small to medium business sector.

The benefits

  • customisable Vendor-agnostic payment solution

    Customisable solutions

    Create an integrated and customisable merchant-ready payment management system solution, able to be customised with seamless API integrations.

  • white label Vendor-agnostic payment solution

    Promote your brand

    By white labelling your payment management solution, you can put your own brand as a leader in the market.

  • Boost revenue Vendor-agnostic payment solution

    Accelerate revenue growth

    Upsell within your existing portfolio and benefit from the increased revenues that come from offering a flexible payment management solution.

  • best partner

    Be the best partner

    Ensure your merchants have an enhanced payment solution that works for their customers and provides the data to better understand their business.

  • Innovative

    Remain innovative

    We ensure that you can stay competitive in the market by being quicker than others when changing to new methods and making sure that we always provide merchants with whatever comes next in paymentech.

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