A flexible cloud-based payment platform for your merchant customers

Cloud based in-person payments platform

Tap into the power of the payment platform that’s been designed to orchestrate card-present payment solutions to offer your customers and partners customisable and integrated payment solutions.

  • With Aevi’s platform as a service, as an ISV you have the opportunity to provide your merchant customers and partners with a flexible payment ecosystem so they can take payments, accept new payment methods, and get the data to better understand their end users.

    • That leverages application programming interfaces (APIs).
    • Your merchant customers can access a range of third-party (POS) apps that seamlessly integrate into their payment ecosystem.
    • Merchants can access everything they need for payment processing in one easy-to-use cloud-based payment system.
    • Grows with you. As you scale your business, seamlessly add more integrations, customizations or processing routes.
    • Your merchant customers can quickly move away from cumbersome closed legacy systems that rely on a single vendor and thus prevent easy switching.
    • Merchants can offer an omnichannel experience to their customers, for both in-person payments or online payments through our payment platform as a service.
    • Merchants can benefit further from being able to access data via APIs and dashboards allowing business intelligence to drive decision making.
    • Customer experience is improved across all touchpoints, whether in-person or online.
    • Your merchant customers and partners get instant access to real-time data.
    • Making price updates and checking sales figures is simple and done on the go.
    • With data from all aspects of their payment ecosystem, merchants can make decisions that benefit their customers and business.
  • With our global payment orchestration platform and PaaS approach, ISVs can offer merchant customers a solution that factors in every element of their payment process. Your customers enjoy enhanced security, seamless app integration and the ability to add new payment providers, methods and currencies with ease, and without constraint.

    By tapping into the power of our cloud-based payment as a service platform, you can change the way your customers handle their business payments.

  • cloud benefit: customisable

    Customisable solutions

    Develop a merchant-ready payment system with the flexibility for your customers to choose vendors and payment providers.

  • cloud benefit: white lable

    Showcase your brand

    White label your payment solution and offer a market-leading payment platform for your customers.

  • cloud benefit: boost revenue

    Boost your revenue

    Upsell a custom-made cloud-based payment platform as a service as part of your existing portfolio.

  • cloud benefit: innovative

    Be the best partner

    Offer your merchants a customisable payment as a service solution that helps them better meet the needs of their customers.

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