Providing your merchant customers with a seamless merchant experience

merchant acquirer

The consumer experience starts with the merchant experience. As a merchant acquirer, it’s essential to maximise how your merchant customers operate. Only then can they provide the payment experience that their customers demand.

Boosting your merchant customers’ businesses with our flexible platform

  • Our vendor-agnostic payment solution enables you to process payments seamlessly in line with your merchant customers’ exact requirements. You can provide them with more than just payments, you also provide them with value-added services.

    Our platform enables you to customise your offering to cater to the unique needs of your customers. You can incorporate POS solutions with third-party applications that can provide additional consumer services. You can automate traditional merchant back-office needs including inventory management, employee management and billing and invoicing. Your merchants can now take advantage of productivity tools that are integrated at the point of interaction (POI).

    Now your merchants have an integrated solution that enhances the day-to-day running of their business and provides an enhanced user experience to their customers.

  • cloud based
    Deliver a payment processing solution to your merchant customers
  • Bridge icon
    Bridge in-store and online payments
  • API
    Leverage APIs for seamless integrations
  • Regionalisation
    Remove regionalisation challenges
  • Customise icon
    Customise the solution to your merchant customers’ needs
  • label
    Label our payment solution with your branding
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    Upsell within your existing portfolio

Tap into our cloud-based payment solution

  • With our Aevi platform, you’ll soon say goodbye to complex legacy systems and fragmented silos. By switching to a flexible and customisable cloud-based platform you can tackle a range of merchant acquiring issues, including:

  • Processing payments from different vendors in different territories
  • Demand for innovations like alternative payment methods and softPOS
  • Adapting to changing merchant and customer needs
  • Responding to increased fragmentation of the payment space