At Aevi, our cloud-based platform is device agnostic, and can be tailored to meet the needs of our diverse customer base. We also provide the payment infrastructure and hardware – from point of sale (POS) systems and payment gateways – for our customers to process payments securely and effectively.

Whether assisting fuel and convenience retailers to reimagine their payment processes with self-service payment solutions or equipping merchants with the payment structure to succeed, our payment solutions work for the needs of our clients and their end users.

We serve:

Financial Institutions | Who we serve

We ensure financial institutions and their merchants have one payment platform, removing their reliance on legacy systems and fragmented silos. Alternative payment methods and SmartPOS systems are easily integrated, giving merchants quick and intuitive access to customer data and business insights.

ISVs | Who we serve

Our ISV (Independent Software Vendor) customers have a customisable, integrated payment solution to offer to their customer base and partners. They can tailor their product offering to give their merchants a cloud-based payment infrastructure.

Fuel and Convenience Retailers | Who we serve

We assist our fuel and convenience retail customers by providing them with the payment infrastructure for their customers to make quick and secure payments at the pump, till or even in the car.

Global Retailers | Who we serve

With our help, international retailers can now take control of their global transactions and take payments anywhere in the world. Our platform slots seamlessly into existing systems to simply payment processes and unify data.

PSPs and ISOs | Who we serve

Our cloud-based platform can be customised by Payment Service Providers and Independent Sales Organisations to offer a payment as a service solution to their merchant customers that they can simply unbox and go.

SME | Who we serve

We help SMEs grow and scale with efficient and secure payments. We provide POS machines for small businesses, self-service payment technology and small business payment processing.

eCOMMERCE | Who we serve

We help eCommerce retailers streamline their payment process systems. Our payment gateway makes online payments safe and secure, and our payment orchestration capabilities integrate alternative payment methods.


Now hospitality businesses can take control of their payments. Our Aevi platform and payment infrastructure includes POS systems and self-service payment solutions, ensuring simple and efficient payments.

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