Streamlining the payment process for your hospitality merchants

Aevi serving hospitality sector with open payment platform
  • Help customers make quick, secure payments whether they’re at the bar, at their table or paying for their hotel room.

  • We help hospitality businesses of all sizes take control of their payments with our hospitality POS system.

    As the hospitality industry changes, customers become ever more demanding. They require quick, efficient service whether they’re in a busy bar at the weekend, enjoying a meal in a restaurant or paying for their hotel room. No one wants to be waiting around for an inefficient payment process.

    And for your merchants, the more efficient your hospitality point of sale payment process, the more customers they can serve. Plus, with consumer data at their fingertips, the better the customer experience in the long run.

    Our payment platform can be built around the needs of your hospitality business. Hospitality POS systems and self-service payment solutions can be utilised to ensure simple and efficient payments . Hospitality merchants can take contactless payments and integrate the latest payment methods into their technology stack. For those running chains of bars, hotels or restaurants, there can be unique challenges as payments are taken in different territories and different currencies, but these can be easily managed with our hospitality payment platform.

  • cloud based

    Centralise payment infrastructure on one global, cloud-based platform

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    Reduce complexity with an open vendor-agnostic platform

  • open market

    Combine payments across all channels and countries

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    Power the adoption of new payment tech and enrich the checkout experience

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    Get the full picture of your data from across your business

Build our cloud-based hospitality payment solution around the needs of your merchant business

  • With our Aevi platform, complex legacy hospitality payment systems and fragmented silos will be a thing of the past. Our cloud-based platform is flexible and customisable. It will help you tackle a range of problems including:

  • Demand for innovations like alternative payment methods and hospitality ePOS

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  • Offering an in-person customer experience that matches up to ongoing customer expectations

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  • Encouraging increased contactless payments at the hospitality point of sale

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  • Payment security issues including smart payment solutions and point-to-point encryption

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Looking for an end-to-end solution?

Payments Plus

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    Connecting to our platform you can be a better partner for your hospitality merchants, who can take payments quickly and securely at point of sale. PLUS: they’ll give your customers the experience they’re craving.

    Ready to up your payment game and stay one step ahead of the competition?