Simple and scalable. Drive your in-person customer experience.

Self service unattended payment solution
  • Self-service payment terminals that provide easy to use payment solutions for your customers.

  • Flexible and easy to deploy

    Suitable for kiosks, EV charging points, vending machines and more. You’ll find them equipped with the latest technology to accept debit and credit cards, as well as smartphone payments.

    Self-service payment solutions offer an easy and streamlined experience for your customers and can be a key technology choice for your growing business.

  • Why choose self-service payment solutions?

    By equipping your business with self-service payment solutions, you’ll scale your organisation, make better staffing decisions and provide the customer experience your users crave.

    Self-service payment solutions ensure:

  • By providing your customers with self-service payment solutions, you’re not tying your staff up with customer-facing interactions. You may need fewer staff on your shop floor and can process more customer transactions faster, and more efficiently. The staff that are working on your floor are freed up for other tasks and are on hand to assist customers where needed. Simple changes to your payment solutions help you plan your staffing requirements and run a more streamlined business.

  • Self-service payments are quicker and more convenient for customers. There’s less time spent queuing and a faster experience overall. With payment terminals directly at petrol pumps or EV charging points, customers can pay at the point of sale without the need to set foot inside your premises.

  • Unattended payment solutions enhance operational efficiency, reduce staff costs and free up team members to focus on other important jobs. With more payments processed faster and fewer staff required, you can grow and scale your business. As you secure more premises, utilising self-service payment terminals underpins continued growth.

  • Through our dedicated Aevi payment orchestration platform, you can manage all your self-service payment terminals remotely. Data is gathered across your entire payment estate from each of your premises, so you can analyse data at scale and make smart data-driven decisions to boost your efficiency and customer experience.

  • By reducing your staff requirements, increasing efficiency and serving a higher volume of customers, you can boost your bottom line and enhance the profitability of your business. Business growth comes from making the right strategic decisions for your technology and payment solutions.

  • Let’s get started

    We help our customers build the payment technology infrastructure that works with their business and meets the needs of their end users.

    It’s time to grow your payment infrastructure with our self-service payment solutions.