Tilled partners with Aevi to expand omnichannel functionality

The two companies are announcing the start of a long-term partnership that aligns interests to best serve ISVs looking to monetize payment processing.

DENVER, Colo., September 13, 2022

Today, PayFac-as-a-Service startup Tilled announced a partnership with payments technology company Aevi to further expand omnichannel and card-present functionality for its customers. With this partnership, Tilled and Aevi are positioned for long-term growth together, as both companies work to empower ISVs and vertical software companies seeking to monetize their payments.

Tilled’s CEO Caleb Avery said, “At Tilled, we know that if we want to empower our ISV partners to truly monetize the payments they are processing, card-present processing is a necessity. Without it, ISVs are leaving too much money on the table.”

“Our partnership with Aevi will help us expand and improve our current omnichannel offerings, better serving our customers and also providing us with the ability to grow and expand as we continue to develop in the market.”

Caleb Avery, founder and CEO of Tilled

Mike Camerling, CEO at Aevi added, “We’re proud to accelerate Tilled’s growth plans by connecting them to our global platform. Bringing all transactions and data together will help them to strengthen their own processing platform.”

“We’re thrilled that they believe in our mission and expertise in the in-person payments space. We’re looking forward to an open collaboration delivering the ultimate holistic experience for their clients.”

Mike Camerling, CEO at Aevi


Beginning with both five and seven-inch Android solutions with expanded hardware offerings to come, Aevi’s platform allows Tilled to further offer white-label functionality to its partners. Each terminal can be customized with a partner’s branding, creating a seamless payment experience for merchants and end-users.

Aevi operates as a hardware-agnostic global platform, making them a key differentiator among their competitors as Tilled continues its global expansion.

“Aevi is a true partner with Tilled, and they have demonstrated not only that our interests are aligned, but that they are willing to grow and develop alongside us in the future,” says Wimbish Potter, SVP of Payment Operations at Tilled. “Like Tilled, Aevi was built to serve ISVs, and I’m looking forward to working with a solid partner who shares our vision for the future of payments.”

About Aevi

Aevi’s mission is to build a more open world, where anyone, anywhere, can take or make any kind of payment. As the in-person payments expert, Aevi connects digital and in-person channels, orchestrates checkout flows, and sets transaction data free. Today, the award-winning FinTech Aevi operates across Europe, Australia and the US with offices in London, Prague and Paderborn.

About Tilled

Tilled empowers ISVs to monetize the payments flowing through their platforms. Through Modern APIs and SDKs, Tilled’s turnkey system allows software companies to be set up and running in a matter of weeks, with no upfront costs or additional headcount required. Without any of the headaches, regulatory compliance, or liabilities of becoming a fully registered facilitator, Tilled makes it easy for any software company to take full advantage of the benefits of payment facilitation. Tilled was founded in 2019 by Caleb Avery and is currently based in Boulder, Colorado. For more information, including pricing, contact information and careers, visit Tilled.

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