The future of FinTech lies in cloud orchestration

As an innovator in the face-to-face payments industry, Aevi has been featured in ‘The Future of Fintech’ report in The Sunday Times.

Topics included in this report are:

Cloud orchestration will unlock the future of payments. Soon there will be no differentiation between in-person and digital commerce, but first there are a number of infrastructure challenges to overcome – and cloud orchestration is the key.

Martin Herlingaus discusses how merchants are seeking new partners on their journey to broaden their mindset, and learn how to operate in a digital way.

Smaller merchants especially want business enablement as a complete package, and they need somebody to help them.
Martin Herlinghaus - Senior Manager Market Insights | Aevi

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Consumers expect omnichannel treatment and for companies to recognise them across channels
Martin Herlinghaus

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