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By collaborating with every link in the payment chain, we open up the world and offer the best possible customer experience.

From eComm PSPs to retail tech providers, developers to vendors, a partnership approach makes us all stronger than the sum of our parts.

Logo Mastercard

This strategic partnership combines our device-agnostic platform with Mastercard Payment Gateway Services’ all-encompassing digital gateway services. Providing merchants with more ways to bring payments straight to the customer.

Logo Register, by SmartVolution

Register by Smart Volution provides efficient EPOS software. Combining our expertise, we offer simplicity and scalability to the end customer – putting them in control of their payment world.

Logo Tilled

Accelerating Tilled’s growth plans by connecting them to Aevi's global platform. Bringing all transactions and data together to strengthen their own processing platform.

  • Omnichannel

    Bringing payments to the people

    Alongside eComm payment providers, we connect the digital world with the real world to bring payments straight to the customer – whether they’re online or on the high street.

  • Vendors

    Taking devices to the next level

    We unlock the full potential of our vendors’ hardware, connecting them to global payment solution providers. Completely vendor-agnostic, our platform welcomes all kinds of payment and non-payment devices.

  • Retail tech

    Shaking up payments

    We streamline payment channels to create a faster, more scalable digital experience. By switching to our cloud-based platform, retailers help their customers manage every payment detail, all in one place.

  • Developers

    Rolling out the brightest tech

    Our partner network connects developers with merchants around the world. As part of our community, you can discover the latest innovations, grow your audience, and embed your software into the merchant propositions of leading acquiring banks.

“The combination of what we bring from our historic eComm pedigree and what Aevi brings from the device and POS perspective helps our customers to turn payment trends into business opportunities.”

Martijn van Os, SVP

Product Management, MPGS

“The Aevi team has been commercially and technically great to work with on all fronts.

They’ve been proactive with their feedback and we look forward to expanding our solution and delivering new opportunities together.”

Justin Coward

CEO, Smart Volution

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