Understanding the flexibility of SmartPOS

SmartPOS devices have been around for a while now, but their utility has dramatically changed. They are now viable for main line retail and can be incredibly advantageous to businesses.

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What is SmartPOS?

The clue is in the name. SmartPOS is a smart point-of-sale device able to do more than just take payments. It’s smart because it offers value-added services through an internet connection.

Opening up payments

There has been a democratisation of development in the SmartPOS world. The smart payment terminal is no longer something that’s locked down to the hardware provider. The merchant themselves can now put their own apps on their devices. There are many different players doing many different things with SmartPOS to their own benefits. All of it can integrate. The biggest difference between traditional and smart terminals is that the system is now unlocked. There is much more flexibility, whereas the classic payment terminal remains a locked garden.

Smart devices are actually now relevant for far more use cases than that of the traditional SME. They have matured to the point where they are a viable replacement for a traditional payment device. Payment devices are no longer a necessary evil. Now, with a SmartPOS, your payment device becomes a useful part of your product and can enhance your offering.

SmartPOS devices are driving unprecedented levels of openness in the in-person payments space, when utilised and handled correctly. SmartPOS is opening up the world.

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