Whitepaper: Seizing the EV Opportunity

Discover how electric vehicles are transforming the mobility market, and learn how strategic approaches are reshaping the EV industry's landscape.

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  • Whitepaper: Seizing the EV opportunities

About the whitepaper

This whitepaper explores the transformative impact of electric vehicles (EVs) on the global mobility market, drawing parallels to the retail revolution of the early 2000s. It highlights the rapid rise in EV adoption, driven by proactive government support in leading countries such as Norway, Korea, and China, where manufacturers benefit from substantial backing. As the market transitions from a start-up phase to scaling up, the focus shifts to building robust public charging infrastructure, enhancing payment systems, and adopting dynamic pricing models.

You'll read about: 

  • Transformation of the mobility market.
  • Global rise and adoption of electric vehicles (EVs).
  • Government support and its impact on EV adoption.
  • Leading roles of specific countries and manufacturers.
  • Shift from initial adoption to market scale-up.
  • Challenges in EV infrastructure and charging networks.
  • Importance of payment systems and pricing models.
  • Role of traditional industries and new entrants in the EV market.
  • Regulatory influences on the EV landscape.
  • Strategic considerations for success in the EV market.

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