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Unlock the future of mobility payments and reveal the key to breaking down the barriers that hinder convenience, customer-centricity, and innovation in the world of mobility.

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About the mobility payments whitepaper

The fuel and mobility payments industry is undergoing a dramatic shift that presents both high rewards for innovative players and immense risk for those unable to adapt to the changing customer mindset, as the new lifestyle economy demands personalized service and superior experiences, transforming the role of energy providers from a focus on cost per litre to convenience, proximity, and lifetime value. With the rise of electric vehicles (EVs) and changing customer behaviour, station networks and customer touchpoints, unattended or otherwise, are being reshaped, leading traditional oil companies to evolve into contemporary energy businesses.

The future will see a shift towards hyper-localized home and work charging stations and prime gateway stations along highways and on the outskirts of cities, offering significant opportunities for those who can seize them, while the suburban network diminishes. The home charging station segment holds the potential to become a revenue generator if made accessible to the wider public, and prime gateway stations will evolve into destinations where customers spend considerable time, creating partner opportunities and rejuvenating the outskirts of cities. These transformations will redefine the role of POS environments, making them more mobile, digital, and adaptable to meet the changing needs of customers.

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Aevi and mobility providers

Our checkout orchestration platform is built with seamless integration in mind, allowing for cross-channel acceptance solutions to be implemented easily. By lifting the restrictions of the physical checkout process, we instil much-needed elasticity on physical terminals, delivering digital freedom of choice to the in-person world.

This allows our mobility providers to meet their customers with the same approach at any touchpoint, from the traditional forecourt setting to new EV charging point at home, in the office, both attended and unattended. Across these touchpoints our clients will be able to offer customers the choice of payment methods — from international and local payment cards, to B2B fuel cards and BNPL schemes, or even new EV charge cards.

Find out more about our payments platform here.

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