We tested ChatGPT’s payments knowledge

Everyone is talking about it, and you may not get around this topic at the family dinner during the upcoming holiday season: the Tech company OpenAI, a non-profit research center founded by Elon Musk, Sam Altman and others.

Their programmes, Dall-E and ChatGPT, are great access points for laypersons entering the artificial intelligence (AI) space.

ChatGPT in particular, is taking the internet by storm now, but what is it and what’s it got to do with payments? ChatGPT is a language model , that was created and trained exclusively for conversational engagements – specialising in dialogue. There are some going as far as to say that ChatGPT will end up replacing Google (we’ll let you make up your own mind about that).

As payments experts, we tested ChatGPT to see how well it stacked up in a conversation about the payments industry. Remember, ChatGPT cannot access the internet…let’s see how it fared.

Question: Tell me about the history of payments


A bit basic, but a decent start! Let’s up the ante and see how it copes with a bit more detail.

Chat GPT

We have hit the first hurdle! As you’ll know if you’ve taken our free History of Payments Course, the first credit card was actually issued by American Express. Let’s see how ChatGPT copes with a correction.

Chat GPT

Looks like it handled that well! However, it does make us wonder, how reliable are the outputs? Let’s explore a slightly more complex topic.

What are the benefits of a cloud-based payments platform?

Chat GPT

Another basic answer. We’ll let it off this time – payment platforms aren’t exactly the most straightforward to talk about, so let’s home in on one area we know very well at Aevi, and see if we can trick it.

Chat GPT

ChatGPT has seen right through us. One of the features of the Aevi cloud-based platform is how open, device agnostic and flexible it is. It looks like this AI isn’t going to be fooled by some simply trickery!

Let’s see how it does with a look into the future.

Will Gen Z make more payments online or in-person in the future?

Chat GPT

 It didn’t really want to commit there. Interestingly, this is not dissimilar to the conclusions drawn by Sarah when discussing how Gen Z are shaping the future of payments.

We’ll try to catch ChatGPT out again with an innocent question.

Chat GPT

We got well and truly shut down there. As we know from this Billtrust survey, 79% of Gen Z individuals are using PSP payment platforms (such as PayPal) at least once a month.

Let’s try one more in-depth payments topic and see how the AI copes.

How do payments work in the metaverse?

Chat GPT

Great chat. We were hoping that one would spark some interesting debate, but don’t worry, Adam’s got you covered for all your metaverse payment needs.


So there we have it. ChatGPT is incredibly clever. It can remember what was said in an earlier conversation and allow follow up corrections. However, we still think it has a long way to go before providing the depth of conversation one might have in a room full of payments experts. Part of the excitement of the payments industry is looking to the future, and this AI doesn’t want to delve too deeply into predictions…at least not without a large caveat first.

We’ll be following the ChatGPT journey closely…who knows, it might make it’s way into the payments space sooner than expected.

If you’ve had any interesting payments chat with ChatGPT, let us know on LinkedIn!

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