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"Study the past if you would define the future"

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We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve just released a training course about the “History of Payments”. 

This course provides you with 5 insightful chapters delivered to your inbox over several weeks and will help you to level up your payment expertise.

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Did you know?

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What does the course cover?

This History of Payments Course covers 5 main chapters:

1. The Past – This covers the historical introduction of payments (tokens), and explores the years 1950-2000. It explores where cashless payments first started, and takes a look at modern credit & debit cards.

2. The Past (continued) – This second chapter covers the years from 2000 onwards. It will dive into eCommerce, and explore the software era.

3. Payments Ecosystem – The third chapter investigates the change of pace, including a look into convenience and integration, as well as tokenization, omnichannel, and the value of payment data.

4. The future (part 1) – This fourth chapter starts looking to the future at the developing world of payments, generational divides, and the competition in the market.

5. The future (part 2) – The final chapter explores alternative payment methods, emerging technologies (think Biometrics), plus a look at how to partner for success.


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