Aevi embarks on a new chapter of entrepreneurial growth

[Paderborn, 13 September 2023] — Aevi, a leading in-person payment expert, is pleased to announce that HPE Growth, an accomplished European-based growth equity firm, with specialized expertise in the FinTech and Payments sector, has extended their investment, enabling Aevi to strengthen its position as the forefront expert in in-person payment solutions.

Both HPE Growth, as well as Mastercard have played crucial roles in Aevi’s journey, with HPE Growth as an investor since 2016 and Mastercard becoming a partner in 2021. Their continual commitment underscores their confidence in Aevi’s vision to revolutionize payment experiences, reflecting their belief in Aevi’s innovation and dedication to advancing in-person payment solutions. Aevi’s management and dedicated employees share the same level of excitement about the promising opportunities that lie ahead.

Together with HPE Growth and Mastercard, Aevi accelerates its journey to be the leading in-person payments orchestration platform globally. The new structure empowers Aevi to foster a domain of innovation in in-person payments, providing their customers with new and enhanced services, whilst keeping the key partnership with Diebold Nixdorf solidly in place.
Mike Camerling, CEO Aevi

With HPE Growth acquiring Diebold Nixdorf’s stake in Aevi, Aevi is positioned to introduce an array of new and enhanced services to its clients. This new structure empowers Aevi to steer an innovation domain in the in-person payments space, seamlessly aligning with its long-standing partnership with Diebold Nixdorf, whose primary strategic focus lies in maintaining a strong presence in its core banking and retail sectors.


“Based on the convergence of digital and physical payment channels, Aevi elevates the customer experience through its leading POS payment orchestration platform. Under the new ownership, Aevi will be able to optimally execute on its strong growth ambitions of scaling its market-leading platform,” emphasizes Frederic Huynen, Partner at HPE Growth.


Fueled by the endorsement of HPE Growth and a partnership with Mastercard, Aevi capitalizes on an amplified opportunity for entrepreneurial expansion.

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