Merchant acquiring report 2019 – Spain, France and Italy

The world is changing, there’s no denying it. Amidst a period of economic uncertainty, Europe is experiencing a surge in payments innovation. Download the Merchant Acquiring Report to get in-depth data indicating challenges and opportunities for providing merchant acquiring services in Spain, France and Italy.

Consumers are making more in-store demands, are using a growing number of payment methods, and want the level of functionality that is typically associated with online shopping.

Where PayPal and such offer frictionless payment, the physical store is still tied into a physical card terminal working alongside a traditional point of sale (POS) unit, that is effectively just a cash register with a few more modern conveniences.

Responding to consumer demands, merchants are asking more from their merchant acquirers. Multiple standalone systems aren’t cutting it, and there is no one-size-fits-all option that can fulfill the ever changing needs of merchants who want solutions tailored to their individual businesses.

There is an opportunity on the horizon for merchant acquirers and merchant banks to deliver a stronger, more encompassing service through smart POS. The Merchant Acquiring Report 2019 says with 84% of Spanish and French citizens reported to be online, lessons can be learned from their interaction with eCommerce models.

As many as half of SMEs have said they are willing to switch payment solution providers in search of a better deal and more fluid integration. The work to retain merchants requires effort and a new way of thinking, onboarding of a whole new strategy.

Merchant acquiring experts including Partlya EcommBX PXP Financial AITE Group

In the Merchant Acquiring Report, we’ve talked to industry experts and payment analysts to delves into the current climate of the Mediterranean merchant space, we welcomed:

We explore the challenge to modernizing payments and offer guidance to help merchant acquirers transition into merchant solution providers.

The Merchant Acquiring Report sheds light on the rapid changes impacting merchant acquiring, with an in-depth look at the playing field in Spain, France and Italy; the shift in merchant acquirers transaction ranking that happened over the last 12 months; and a look at the spending habits of the typical consumer.

Download the Merchant Acquiring Report now to discover how to adapt to the newest market trends.

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