Michal Kamenisty

Michal M Kamenisty

In his role as the Security Officer at Aevi, Michal assumed a pivotal position in guaranteeing the meticulous implementation and maintenance of PCI-related standards. His responsibilities extended beyond mere compliance, as he acted as a crucial liaison connecting the intricate realms of PCI standards, external auditors, and internal teams at Aevi. Michal's dedication to upholding the highest security standards positioned him as a linchpin in safeguarding sensitive information and ensuring a robust security infrastructure.

Michal's passion for knowledge is not confined to his professional responsibilities; it transcends into his personal pursuits. Whether he is navigating the high seas in yacht races or delving into the intricacies of secure cloud architecture, Michal consistently strives for perfection. His commitment to excellence is evident in his multifaceted endeavors, reflecting a holistic approach to life where continuous learning and improvement are paramount.

In the dynamic landscape of security and technology, Michal's role as a Security Officer extended beyond the conventional boundaries, embodying a commitment to excellence and a pursuit of perfection in every facet of his professional and personal life. Through his passion for knowledge and dedication to secure practices, Michal significantly contributed to Aevi's commitment to maintaining the highest standards in the realm of security.

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