Money20/20 Amsterdam 2023 – we were there

Money20/20 is the world’s leading conference and expo event for the FinTech and payments industry. It brings together industry leaders, innovators, and visionaries to discuss the future of money and showcase the latest advancements in technology and financial services. Aevi was proud to be a part of the European show for the seventh time – wow.

Did you miss us on the show floor? It’s because we were busy engaging with our clients, forging new partnerships, and speaking with the media. Money20/20 is the perfect platform for networking and establishing connections in the industry, and we wanted to make the most of our time there.


Aevi'ators at Money20/20

From oat milk coffee to beach vibes

This year, the expo hall was gigantic, offering a vast array of exhibitors and attractions. Between sipping oat milk coffee, munching on popcorn, and grabbing some Money20/20 swag from the vending machines, attendees were treated to a delightful experience. The attention to detail and thoughtfulness in the conference layout never fail to impress us.

Navigating the event can be a challenge, as it always takes a bit of time to familiarize oneself with the various booths and locations. However, thanks to the clear signage and the event app’s live navigation feature, finding our destinations was a breeze. Pro tip: lace up your runner’s shoes.

One of the standout features of Money20/20 Amsterdam 2023 was the “MONEY BEACH”. Attendees exited the hall in true 80s Baywatch style and were not only treated to a great time in the sun but also had the opportunity to network and relax in a beautiful setting. It was a unique addition to the conference and added a refreshing touch to the overall experience.

  • The money beach at Money20/20_2023
  • Oat Milk Coffee_Money20/20 2023
  • Swag Vending Maschine_Money20/20 2023

From fireside chats to innovative collaborations

Apart from networking, we also attended the content sessions to gain insights into the hot topics of the industry and better understand the market. Learning from the best is crucial in such a fast-paced and evolving industry, and Money20/20 provides a wealth of knowledge through its informative sessions.

  • One of the content sessions that caught our attention was “Trends and Insight into Consumer Life: PayPal and Carrefour”. In this fireside chat, Rik Goslinga, Senior Director Enterprise Customer Success Europe and Australia at PayPal, and Alessandra Grendele, Chief Digital Officer at Carrefour Italy, explored the trends and behavioral changes in consumer spending and offered tips and tools to address the current industry situation.

    The main message conveyed during the session was that the core of any strategy should revolve around technology, data, and the customer. Consumer expectations are high, demanding simple, fast, and accessible experiences in-store. Carrefour showcased its digital transformation journey, emphasizing its commitment to becoming a truly customer-centric enterprise.

  • PayPal and Carrefour_Money20/20 2023

Their approach allows SMBs (small and medium-sized businesses) to focus on their clients while Carrefour takes care of the digital backend and technology.

Personalization and emotional connections were highlighted as essential in-store experiences. Carrefour leverages data tech and algorithms to offer personalized journeys and seamless operations. They also recognize the power of the cloud to innovate quickly and provide additional services to customers at a reduced cost. Artificial intelligence plays a crucial role in creating the best customer experience that’s why Carrefour has collaborated with Google AI experts to develop new customer experiences. Their Assortment Recommendation System suggests personalized in-store product selections, improving offerings in each store.

The strategic partnership between PayPal and Carrefour Italia was also discussed. This collaboration allowed a major retailer to rely on PayPal’s support for their online projects, providing uninterrupted cash flow for merchants through their own Merchant PayPal account. The goal is to simplify the daily lives of consumers by bridging the gap between users and the services they need.

Our opinion:

As Aevi, we were thrilled to witness the increasing recognition of customer experience at the point of sale and beyond as crucial for businesses. It aligns perfectly with our mission to build a world where anyone can make or take payments wherever and whenever they want. We believe that no single entity can revolutionize the payments game alone, which is why partnerships like Carrefour and PayPal’s are so exciting. Combining expertise allows us to offer a truly holistic experience that is easy, simple, seamless, and convenient for the end consumer.


In another engaging session we attended, the focus was on “How One Partnerships Can Map, Scale, and Provide Compelling Consumer Experiences”. This topic resonates deeply with us, as we believe that collaborations can help address the challenges faced by regulated industries that often experience slower innovation. An example of a recent collaboration that exemplifies this is the partnership between Google Maps, VISA Europe, and Snowdrop Solutions.

  • This innovative collaboration connects digital transactions to physical locations, capturing the moment of each payment and creating new opportunities for payment providers and their customers. VISA’s issuer bank clients across Europe can now offer enhanced digital services across debit and credit, thanks to this open network approach.

    The decoupling of purpose-built networking hardware and software enables service agility, cost efficiencies, and speed to market. Nicola Dalamazzo, Head of Southern Europe and EMEA Financial Sector at Google Maps Platform, emphasized that their platform, with its extensive global merchant database and user-friendly interface, can connect transactions to the real world and enable banks to build engaging experiences.

  • VISA and Google Maps Platform_MoneyBotStage_Money20/20 2023

The buzzword “digital experiences” became prominent in the discussion. At Aevi, we embrace outside-the-box thinking, and it’s inspiring to see other companies doing the same. For Snowdrop Solutions, their mission was to create something different and change customer experiences, resulting in the development of outstanding consumer experiences with precise location and data enrichment services

The partnership also addresses “consumer anxiety” by making transactions more transparent and banking more comprehensible. Through real-time notifications and turning confusing transaction information into easily identifiable merchant names, they aim to create a secure environment while enhancing transparency and consumer trust in innovation.

Our opinion:

Once again, the key message reiterated was the importance of putting the (digital) experience at the forefront, with payments seamlessly integrated in the background, while simultaneously fostering a secure environment and transparency to help consumers understand and trust in the ongoing innovation

Wrapping up the excitement with Aevi

Money20/20 Amsterdam 2023 was an incredible event where buzzwords such as “customer experiences”, “partnerships”, and “frictionless payment solutions” permeated the atmosphere. This served as a strong affirmation of our mission here at Aevi. If you’re interested in understanding how our orchestration platform can help create optimal customer experiences at the point of sale and beyond, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Tip: During the event, we engaged in meaningful discussions about the evolving nature of customer expectations, product innovation in the PayTech industry, and future trends alongside our friends at Fintech Finance, The Paypers, and Financial IT. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter below to stay updated on the exciting interviews that will be going live soon.

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