ETA Transact 2023: The future of payments & emerging technology

The payments industry is evolving at a rapid pace, with new technologies and trends emerging constantly. The ETA Transact Show, held in Atlanta, was an opportunity for experts in the industry to come together and discuss these changes. In this blog post, I will share some highlights from the show, including insights into the future of payments and emerging technologies.

Partnerships & PayTech

At the ETA Transact Show, top players from the payments industry came together to discuss the future of payments. American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa all shared their insights on new trends, innovations, and creative solutions to expected challenges. One key theme that emerged was the importance of customer experience and convenience. The panelists highlighted the importance of creating payment solutions that are flexible, secure, and easy to use for customers, whether it be through digital wallets, biometrics, or contactless payments.

Another key topic that was discussed was partnerships.

TouchBistro and Leasera spoke about how partnerships can create mutual value for both companies and customers. They emphasized the importance of engaging customers, innovating with the customer in mind, and choosing the right partners that can scale and grow with the company. They also discussed the potential for ecosystems of loyalty and using data to generate more revenue.

The show also delved into emerging technologies, such as using your car to pay. P97 and JP Morgan discussed how the car industry is working with payment providers to integrate payments into the car experience. The panelists highlighted the potential for personalization and different products to be offered at the right time to customers, as well as the challenges and opportunities presented by EV charging and alternative fuels.


Gene Distler, Sarah Koch and Alex Benjamin at ETA Transact

While the others are still thinking about what to eat, we've already served it

Being on the Aevi-side I was pleased to observe that the primary themes dominating the exhibition were centered on prioritizing the customer, generating value and experiences for them, developing comprehensive commerce experiences, modernizing the checkout process, providing flexibility and internationalization, simplifying payment procedures for small and medium-sized businesses, leveraging data to increase revenue, and fostering long-term loyalty. These very aspects are precisely what Aevi focuses on, demonstrating our enthusiasm and commitment towards an inclusive and more open world, where anyone, anywhere, can take or make any kind of payment. 

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Did you know?

Did you know that at the Transact event, they announced the Top 10 Payments ISV award winners? These awards recognize software companies that are shaking things up in the payments industry with their innovative products. These companies, whether they’re startups or established organizations, are setting a new standard for software innovation with their secure and convenient payment experiences. MAPP Advisors sponsored the inaugural TRANSACT ISV Village and hosted a special section on the showroom floor dedicated to showcasing each winner and their cool technology.

We say CONGRATS to the winners of the ETA ISVs Awards:

BigTime Software: for providing a seamless online payment experience for professional service businesses by integrating invoicing, collections, and reconciliation processes.

Biller Genie: for their cloud-based accounts receivable (AR) automation and payment platform tailored for small and mid-sized businesses.

Cusi: for simplifying electronic payments in traditional utility markets with their real-time and secure end-to-end utility management services

Everyware: for simplifying payment processes and making them fast, secure, and convenient through the channels people use every day.

Kickfin: for their unique end-to-end gratuity management software.

ParkHub: for revolutionizing parking with their integrated and seamless parking experience while providing valuable real-time data to parking operators nationwide for their digital, secure, and white-label SaaS platform that streamlines real estate transactions and promotes transparency for all parties involved.

SoftPoint: for creating a biometric payment solution that makes payments frictionless and eliminates fraud without merchants having to switch to a new platform.

Transact Campus Inc.: for introducing integrated and convenient campus payment solutions for students and administrators across the country.

Zuza: for their super app that integrates POS, e-commerce, smart terminal, and mobile solutions into one platform that can be easily customized.

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