Women in FinTech

Nadia is joined in the studio this week by Nicky Koopman, who was the Senior VP of Content & Value Added Services at Aevi.

She is also a leading voice in the conversation around diversity and inclusion in the workplace which lent itself to a great chat around her own personal journey, as well as the industry as a whole.

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Diversity & Inclusion should be in your veins and part of your DNA

What does this podcast cover?

This podcast features Nicky and Nadia talking of their experiences as women in Fintech, and in the workplace. They touch upon:

  • What diversity and inclusion means
  • Diversity and inclusion for managers
  • Diversity & inclusion in the workplace

“I think we’re extremely lucky at Aevi, where the founders, but also the investors and the people that are in it, are very open minded, very inclusive. We drive actively. The diversity policy, including young and old age, is one of those topics as well. ”

“It all starts with diversity and inclusion is not just a phrase, right? It should be in the DNA of a company. You cannot put it in a manifesto and then just expect that it will sort of happen. It should really be in the veins. And I think diversity and inclusion often is focused on a single group, could be women or could be diversity, but it’s all right. It has to do with everybody, it has to do with that everybody and every person is different to another, whether you’re men or female, whether you’re introvert, extrovert, whether you’ve had an Oxford degree or not at all.”

“It’s about understanding and understanding what somebody brings to the table and what value he can add or she. So for me, diversity and inclusion is incredibly important and it’s a really difficult topic, especially across border. But at the same time, for me, it’s such a no brainer because it should be about what people bring to the table and what value they add. And not at all about where they come from, what they’ve done, what they look like, or what they like to do at night.”

Diversity is a fact, inclusion is a choice

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