The talent surgery

In the latest of our brand new series looking at the people behind the talent of some of the most successful, fast-growth businesses in the world, Nadia is joined by Lenka Cinculova.

Lenka is the International Talent Acquisition Manager at Aevi and introduces us to the business, their processes and attitude to people in her own unique way!

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Different cultures are an opportunity, not a threat, we should all embrace this
Mike Camerling

Key takeaways

“Aevi is a fintech organization which brings banks and acquirers or merchant solution providers closer to their merchants and merchants closer to their customers. We are basically the ones in the big ground that give the tools to the merchant solutions providers to create the best possible instore experience for the merchant and customers. Our open platform comprises payment services, third party value added services, and devices. We help our customers packaging solutions that are easy to roll out and tailor to merchant specific needs. I love using examples, so hope you don’t mind if I will use the example. Imagine that you want to go to your local hairdresser. I mean, in idle world you have the possibility to book an online appointment and automatically get reminders on your mobile phone.”

“For me, Aevi is a family. I have never ever worked in such a passionate and cooperative and entrepreneurial and diverse company as I do now. You can feel it when you take your first step into our offices. Our amazing CEO Mike Camerling is another reason that Aevi is a great place to work. He lives and breathes our values and genuinely cares about all our people and their development. What I love about him is that he wants everyone to succeed and that’s why the company will also succeed. He has such a genuine interest in people. He remembers the smallest conversation and makes people feel valued. And this is so important. Like a good football coach, he cares about making sure that we play to people’s strengths and he makes sure that we’ve got right people in the right position in the field. It makes difference between an A and B team. He is also great fun and very human. What I would like to add there as well, the people in the company make all the difference.”

“Our CEO Mike Camerling said that different cultures are an opportunity, not a threat. We want to ensure that our environment is one where everyone is treated with dignity and respect and where everyone feels welcome and accepted for who they are. True diversity means celebrating differences and valuing everyone. Each person is an individual with visible and not visible differences. By respecting this, everyone feel valued for their contribution. I’m passionate about diversity and inclusion. It’s part of my DNA as a person and as a professional. I love working for one of the most diverse places I have ever worked in my life.”


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