Aevi launches first pilot merchant, revolutionizing in-person payments in North America

The successful launch of the first pilot merchant marks a significant milestone for Aevi to bring its innovative digital payment solutions to more ISOs.

Atlanta, 04/18/2023

Aevi, a top player in the integration of digital and physical payment channels, has successfully launched its first pilot merchant in collaboration with Vivid Payments. With its expertise in streamlining checkout processes and providing access to transaction data, Aevi is revolutionizing in-person payments and providing a seamless payment experience for merchants and customers alike. This exciting news comes one month after Aevi announced its strategic partnership with OvationCXM to revolutionize digital payment customer experiences in North America.

The first merchant to go live with Aevi’s cloud-based payment orchestration platform is a salon in the North American region. This marks a significant milestone for Aevi, as they are now ready to expand their reach and bring their innovative digital payment solutions to more ISOs.


Vivid’s partnership with Aevi perfectly aligns with our mission to continually evolve our payment technology and provide a clear omni-channel solution that works well in the hands of our merchants.
Vinny Marzelli, Vice President for Vivid Payments

Aevi’s mission is to make payments simple, secure, and accessible for everyone, and collaboration with Vivid Payments is a testament to that commitment. By providing merchants with the latest digital payment technologies, Aevi enables them to better serve their customers and grow their businesses.

Its platform empowers Payfacs, wholesale ISOs, and ISOs with seamless onboarding, real-time transaction data, and value-added tools – all in one place.

We are thrilled to be live with our first pilot merchant with Vivid Merchant Services.
Gene Distler, Business Development for Aevi

“This marks an important step in our journey to deliver innovation and excellent customer experiences in North America, and we look forward to expanding our reach and working with additional payment companies.”

Don’t miss the chance to learn more about Aevi’s latest announcement and how it can benefit you. Aevi will be attending the ETA Transact event from April 24-26 in Atlanta. Schedule a meeting with them at the event to get all the details. You can contact us either through the Transact app or by providing your contact details on the event form here

You can find more information on Aevi’s in-person payment orchestration platform here.

Please reach out to us in order to learn if this solution is certified to your preferred processing platform.

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Director of Marketing & Communications for Aevi

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